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P - Corporations By Name Starting With P | Complaints List
The following is a list of official Corporation names for companies in alphabetical order starting with the letter P. This page contains all lists ...

Sony s ads shouldn t play games | Consumer Information
If a company promises a new and innovative handheld gaming console, you d expect the features to work as described in their ads, right?
...In 2012, Sony and its advertising agency, Deutsch LA, Inc., promoted the PS Vita on the internet and in promotional videos, TV commercials and stores....
...But the FTC says that despite the ads promises, customers really couldn t use remote play to run most PS3 games on the PS Vita not even Killzone 3, the popular PS3 game Sony featured in its promotional video explaining remote play....
. . .

Being a ROYAL HOLIDAY timeshare owner is the worse decision i made - Royal Holiday consumer complaint
A consumer complaint about Royal Holiday - Broken Promises
...PS: take a look in Wikipedia, french. i managed to have a special note about their frauding behavior :)...

Three strikes and you're out! State Farm Insurance. - State Farm consumer complaint
A consumer complaint about State Farm - Poor Service
...George P. Dorian PS. Thanks for reading my post....

| Consumer Information
...On top of that subscribing to PS network, like I said Sony should give a bigger refund....

We Don t Serve Teens even on New Year s Eve | Consumer Information
What are your plans for New Year s Eve?
...Best wishes PS. I do not drink alcohol....

Bryan Talbot - 1 Complaints | Complaints List
Bryan Talbot in Bloxham, Oxford has complaints or reports posted. File a report about Bryan Talbot or view current complaints and reports at ComplaintsList.com
...PS RIDDELL Bruce Riddell, Telephone 0044 (0)1295 754618 E mail:...

Customer service! - Alitalia - ComplaintsList.com
Jan 03, 2015 - This has to be the WORST airline ever. Lets begin by saying that Customer Service doesn't exist in the dictionary of this airline. How is it
...PS. What is wrong with the flight attendants? you people are getting paid to deal with passengers so please give a fake smile at least and try not to look like this is your 5th flight in less than 24hrs which I am sure it isn't the case....

Misleading Consumers About Madden 25 For PS4 - Electronic Arts - ComplaintsList.com
I have purchased Madden NFL for years. With the new PlayStation 4 release in November, I asked game stop if Sony PS4 would support the madden 25 game for p
...No $10 upgrade would be offered, we would need to purchase a ps 4 version....

Certified Plumbing & Heating Saskatchewan Reviews - 1 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
Certified Plumbing & Heating Saskatchewan has 1 reviews or customer complaints filed and 0 comments. Coporate Name: Certified Plumbing & Heating Ltd, Owner: Darrell Flatt, Address: 320 Hodsman Rd, City: Regina, State: Saskatchewan, Zip Code: S4N 5X4
...ps. they kept my credit card information on file (proof can be provided)...

Works fine for me minus the slightest iota of customer support - magicJack - ComplaintsList.com
My main complaint is that the MJ+ has no GUI (Graphic User Interface) and no software installed on the PC, so the only way to get messages or any other inf
...PS: DON't FORGET: No internet connection = No phone service with MJ+ (but it works with or without your PC being on)...

SAMMYDRESS. SCAM. AVOID. - SammyDress - ComplaintsList.com
Wow. Just wow. This is the worst customer service I have ever encountered in my life. Do people actually receive the things that they order? Because I orde
...PS The number on the website didn't work....

Finest Hardwood Flooring Reviews - 1 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
Finest Hardwood Flooring has 1 reviews or customer complaints filed and 0 comments. Coporate Name: Finest hardwood flooring LLC, Owner: Manny Reveco, Address: 315A Park Ave, City: Nutley, State: New Jersey, Zip Code: 07110
...ps. You may ask for pictures of prove for their horrible works directly from me....

Horrible Customer Service - La-Z-Boy - ComplaintsList.com
First, I'd like to say that Lazy-boy came highly recommended after we had our previous furniture for approx. 9 years. I purchased a couch and accent chair.
...HELP, ps. this chair is now 1 month old!...

Triangle Orthopaedics Reviews - 2 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
Triangle Orthopaedics has 2 reviews or customer complaints filed and 0 comments. Consumers have reported losses from Triangle Orthopaedics of $100,000,000.00. Coporate Name: Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A., Address: 120 William Penn Plaza | Independence...
...PS. Keep in mind that if you have surgery, Dr. Liebelt and many other drs. are untouchable by law and it can become almost IMPOSSIBLE to find a dr. to testify as to their incompetence....

Sears Home Services Fraudulently and Deceitfully Charged an Unwarranted Repair Visit - Sears - ComplaintsList.com
1. On the phone, I reported my furnace flood damage requesting repairs. 2. Sears guarantees their repairs and replacement parts. 3. I was not informed Sear
...PS, I am now having the parts in my flood damaged furnace replaced by another company who guarantees their work....

Keith Spoto Reviews - 1 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
Keith Spoto has 1 reviews or customer complaints filed and 0 comments. Coporate Name: Florida's 10th Judicial Circuit, Owner: Keith Spoto, Address: 255 N. Broadway Ave., City: Bartow, State: Florida,
...Ps, I am an American disable veteran and still a soldier who protect the rights of many like my other brother and sisters of the arm forces....

Leaves a bad taste in your mouth - NuWave Oven - ComplaintsList.com
Nuwave leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I should have known better but ever the optimist I thought it might be a good deal. Their Hook Buy a Precision I
...Ps if you read this pass it along to everyone you know....

Ashley Merriopuns - 1 Complaints | Complaints List
Ashley Merriopuns in San Francisco, California has complaints or reports posted. File a report about Ashley Merriopuns or view current complaints and reports at ComplaintsList.com
...If anyone knows her please ask her to do the right thing ps. Amir Brown has slight autism well she used his disability money to finance her hacking career how low can U go to be continued booman1776@gmail.com....

POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE - EyeMart Express - ComplaintsList.com
On 10 October 2015, my husband and I walked into the Eyemart Express 179 in Fayetteville NC to purchase me a pair of glasses. We were approached by one of
...PS I Don't like my glasses. EYEMART EXPRESS #179 - 1590 SKIBO RD NC FAYETTEVILLE 28303 United States | 910-920-9500...

Illeana Shomock - 1 Complaints | Complaints List
Illeana Shomock in Florence, South Carolina has complaints or reports posted. File a report about Illeana Shomock or view current complaints and reports at ComplaintsList.com
...Thank you for your time. PS. She is working down the new store with Chad on Firetower rd....

Reseach Hoveround power chairs before you buy - Hoveround - ComplaintsList.com
I am disabled in a power chair. With a power chair I am completely independent. Without a chair I would be in a nursing home. I use the chair 90 percent of
...PS: Their technicians are nothing but parts re-placers; they know as much about how a chair works as I know about making atom bombs....

A Week After That They Put $89.99 On My Card - Vydox - ComplaintsList.com
Same thing happened to me. Vydox sent me a 30 free trial for $4.95 shipping. I got my Vydox a week later and then a week after that they put $89.99 on my c
...ps I didn't get any paper work with # on it to call and stop it from coming or to get billed for till it came up on my card I got the # but thy said it was to late to stop...

Rip Off 15 Day Trial - Vydox - ComplaintsList.com
Something Happened To Me: Vydox sent me a 30 free trial for $4.95 shipping. I got my Vydox a week later and then a week after that they put $89.99 on my ca
...ps I didn t get any paper work with # on it to call and stop it from coming or to get billed for till it came up on my card I got the # but thy said it was to late to stop...

Listed Item In Amazon.com, But It's A Scam - Everything $50 - TRIstezas - ComplaintsList.com
I searched Amazon.com for a Jetboil SOL titanium outdoor cooking system. Tristezas offering turned out to have the lowest price of $50. I become suspicious
...I become suspicious at final check out payment page at Amazon.com as it said the product purchased is a "$50 PlayStation Store Gift Card - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code]"....

A Big Man Beating On My Door - DDS Legal - ComplaintsList.com
I Had a Large Man Banging on my door in the early evening, there were only females in the house. I peaked out and he was dressed in street clothes and tenn
...PS the male that lives with me had came home when the guy had drove away!...
...PS he works for the dept of Justice!!!!...

MagicJack Deception! - magicJack - ComplaintsList.com
NO WHERE in it's advertising or packaging does MagicJack tell one there is a charge to keep your old phone number, and a CONTINUING yearly charge to keep t
...PS: You will NEVER be able to speak with a live person; only a "CHAT" on line....

Second Mortgage Forgiveness Reviews - 1 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
Second Mortgage Forgiveness has 1 reviews or customer complaints filed and 0 comments. Consumers have reported losses from Second Mortgage Forgiveness of $2,850.00. Coporate Name: On Par Communications Inc, Owner: Colleen Bickham, Address: 4465 West Ave 42,...
...Stay away. PS. Once Paul turns over information to paper pusher he becomes unavailable and according to attorney rep Paul has no say in anything....

AMI Energy Solutions Reviews - 1 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
AMI Energy Solutions has 1 reviews or customer complaints filed and 0 comments. Owner: Andrew Montney, Address: 2533 Kipling St, City: Lakewood, State: Colorado, Zip Code: 80215
...PS They just moved from Lakewood, CO to Westminster,CO and they changed their phone numbers too....

411.ca Reviews - 1 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
411.ca has 1 reviews or customer complaints filed and 1 comments. Consumers have reported losses from 411.ca of $791.00. Coporate Name: Yellow Media, Owner: Julien Billot, Address: 1200 Eglinton Ave E 300, City: Toronto, State: Ontario, Zip Code: M3C 1H9
...PS they know i was upset and was going to file a complaint, they were given a time limit to respond to try to rectify the situation and not one response from neither of the 4 people that were e-mailed....

Rockstar Games Reviews - 1 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
Rockstar Games has 1 reviews or customer complaints filed and 0 comments. Coporate Name: Rockstar Games Inc, Owner: Sam Houser, Address: 622 Broadway 4, City: New York, State: New York, Zip Code: 10012
...PS: If you own it, toss it in recycle bin before it someone gets hooked on it and starts getting mentally ill....

Norton AntiVirus Reviews - 2 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
Norton AntiVirus has 2 reviews or customer complaints filed and 0 comments. Consumers have reported losses from Norton AntiVirus of $287.99. Coporate Name: Symantec Corporation, Owner: Michael Brown, Address: 350 Ellis St, City: Mountain View, State: California,...
...PS - Best Buy or Geek Squad dropped support and sales of Norton 5 months ago!...

Burger King Reviews - 41 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
Burger King has 41 reviews or customer complaints filed and 7 comments. Consumers have reported losses from Burger King of $23,269.29. Coporate Name: Burger King Holdings, Inc., Owner: Bernardo Hees, Address: 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr, City: Miami, State: Florida,
...PS I just went by the BK to give the Morris the curtsy of a copy of this letter....

Banning by Friendburst - Friendburst - ComplaintsList.com
I have been Friendburst member for 2 years, - not very active. Then several of my friends went there and so I became active again 2 days ago, redesigning m
...PS Howdy RC!...

Single Complaints Added in July 2015 | Complaints List | Complaints List
Browse through Complaints filed in July 2015 by users of our interactive computer service.

DV350AEW/XAA Cracked Drum After 2 Years - Samsung - ComplaintsList.com
Do not buy do not buy this dryer: dv350aew/xaa. It worked perfectly for about two years, then it has a cracked drum right where the weld joint area. Samsun
...PS I had to use their required company for labor and the charge was initially going to be $900. I managed to get them down to $375.00 for labor, but still didn't agree because this was obviously a defect on the company's part....

Scammers are not friends to small business owners | Consumer Information
Scammers try to contact you in many ways.
...PS I am 85 years of age and never had a student loan....

What to know about webcam hackers | Consumer Information
Have you seen news reports about foreign websites showing live feeds from unsecured wireless cameras like nanny cams, baby monitors, and security cameras in the U.
...God bless you Scott. * PS. I have tried numerous times to correctly enter the captcha text but it us too distorted for me to know exactly what each letter is.Another direct result of my stalkers skill and talented....

Bob Evans Reviews - 12 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
Bob Evans has 12 reviews or customer complaints filed and 26 comments. Consumers have reported losses from Bob Evans of $1,196.40. Coporate Name: Bob Evans Farms Inc, Owner: Steven A Davis, Address: 3776 S High St, City: Columbus, State: Ohio, Zip Code: 43207
...PS the chili was some of the best I've ever had....

Merit Gold & Silver Reviews - 5 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
Merit Gold & Silver has 5 reviews or customer complaints filed and 32 comments. Consumers have reported losses from Merit Gold & Silver of $10,375.00. Coporate Name: Merit Financial, Address: 1300 4th St 303, City: Santa Monica, State: California, Zip Code:...
...Thanks Merit (PS They also took A/x)...

McDonalds Reviews - 77 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
McDonalds has 77 reviews or customer complaints filed and 61 comments. Consumers have reported losses from McDonalds of $5,520.79. Coporate Name: McDonald's Corporation, Owner: Don Thompson, Address: 2111 McDonald's Dr, City: Oak Brook, State: Illinois, Zip...
...Ps- I have pictures but cannot get them to attach here....

Department of Justice Reviews - 1 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
Department of Justice has 1 reviews or customer complaints filed and 0 comments. Coporate Name: U.S. Department of Justice, Owner: Eric H. Holder, Jr, Address: 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, City: Washington, State: District of Columbia, Zip Code: 20530-0001
...> Mostafa Hosny, Ph.D. > Project Co-ordinator for an NPO > 106-15 Trillium village > Chatham, ON N7L 4A2 > Canada > Tel. (519) 784 6822 > > PS I am willing to testify to serve the American people....

Hurricane Spin Mop Reviews - 19 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
Hurricane Spin Mop has 19 reviews or customer complaints filed and 57 comments. Consumers have reported losses from Hurricane Spin Mop of $966.78. Coporate Name: Telebrands Inc, Owner: Ajit Khubani, Address: 79 Two Bridges Rd, City: Fairfield, State: New Jersey,...
...SHAME ON THEM ps. I purchased 2 at bed,bath and …...

Jim Bakker Show Reviews - 2 Complaints | ComplaintsList.com
Jim Bakker Show has 2 reviews or customer complaints filed and 301 comments. Consumers have reported losses from Jim Bakker Show of $290.00. Coporate Name: The Jim Bakker Show, Owner: Jim Bakker, Address: PO Box 7330, City: Branson, State: Missouri, Zip Code:...

greencoffee@nutritioncustmercare.com - 2 Complaints | Complaints List
Are your receiving spam, junk, unwanted, or other E-mails from greencoffee@nutritioncustmercare.com? 2 Reports about emails from= greencoffee@nutritioncustmercare.com.
...PS None of the email addresses attached to this phone number or company work....

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