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Public Storage : 2 Consumer Complaints - 2 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
Name: Public Storage, Complaints: 2, Reviews: 2, Reported Consumer Losses: $178,999.99, Company: Public Storage PS, Owner: Ronald L Havner Jr, Address: 701 Western Ave, City: Glendale, State: California, Zip Code: 91201
...Business Name: Public Storage PS Category:...

P - Corporations By Name Starting With P | Complaints List
The following is a list of official Corporation names for companies in alphabetical order starting with the letter P. This page contains all lists ...

Inaccurate post - dubious at best. - American CPR Training response to a consumer complaint
A response to a consumer complaint about American CPR Training - ComplaintResponse
...(PS - just another little note about this poor person's confusion - while the email did not list any price, the DVD he purchases IS only $44.99 at the website http://americancpr.com/cpr-training and was at all relevant times - he must have been looking at the TWO-Pack of the CPR & First Aid DVDs for $99.99, which is not what he ordered) ...

1&1 : 2 Consumer Complaints - 1 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
Name: 1&1, Complaints: 2, Reviews: 1, Company: 1&1 Internet, Inc, Address: 701 Lee Rd 300, City: Chesterbrook, State: Pennsylvania, Zip Code: 19087
...At what point is that a scam? PS - I wrote a blog post detailing their terrible cancellation process at http://www.sitebuilderreport.com/bl...

report@aol.com | Complaints List
Are your receiving spam, junk, unwanted, or other E-mails from report@aol.com? 1 Reports about emails from= report@aol.com.
...James Rushton PS: Copies of western union transfer information must be sent to this email address....

Veros Credit Review: Veros Credit Are a Bunch of Scumbags! | Complaints List
Some of us will have fallen on hard financial times and making a payment to any creditor can become difficult. these people would take your first born if i
...ps- who charges you twice for splitting one car payment on a credit card, I'm mean come the f on! $20 to pay my car payment, seriously??...

AuraVie Review: AuraVie Internet Rip-Off | Complaints List
I was checking out an ad for a dept store here in town, when they asked me to do a 30 second survey, which i did, supposedly i won a free sample from 'aura
...Ps; do not order any samples from this company, i feel they are very misleading and deceptive....

Ashley Merriopuns - Complaints List
Ashley Merriopuns in San Francisco, California has complaints or reports posted. File a report about Ashley Merriopuns or view current complaints and reports at ComplaintsList.com
...If anyone knows her please ask her to do the right thing ps. Amir Brown has slight autism well she used his disability money to finance her hacking career how low can U go to be continued booman1776@gmail.com....

Response from Chuck Farrow - Owner of Chucks Heating Cooling & Refrigeration co | Complaints List
This, 2 years of being satisfied customer called us about her heating unit, that we never service or touched, but was told, it should be serviced since the
...signed, chuck farrow PS. I couldn't help from noticing the house for sale sign in the front yard....

TRIstezas Review: Listed Item In Amazon.com, But It's A Scam - Everything $50 | Complaints List
I searched Amazon.com for a Jetboil SOL titanium outdoor cooking system. Tristezas offering turned out to have the lowest price of $50. I become suspicious
...I become suspicious at final check out payment page at Amazon.com as it said the product purchased is a "$50 PlayStation Store Gift Card - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code]"....

DNS Services : 2 Consumer Complaints - 0 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
Name: DNS Services, Complaints: 2, Reviews: 0, Address: 4400 NE 77th Ave 275, City: Vancouver, State: Washington, Zip Code: 98662
...Filed By: Perry,M Kay DDS, PS On:...

DDS Legal : 1 Consumer Complaints - 0 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
Name: DDS Legal, Complaints: 1, Reviews: 0, Company: DDS Legal Services Inc., Address: 2900 Bristol St E106, City: Costa Mesa, State: California, Zip Code: 92626
...PS the male that lives with me had came home when the guy had drove away!...
...PS he works for the dept of Justice!!!!...

Daves Tire & Auto : 1 Consumer Complaints - 1 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
Name: Daves Tire & Auto, Complaints: 1, Reviews: 1, Reported Consumer Losses: $300.00, Address: 3200 maysville pike, City: Zanesville, State: Ohio,
...And by the way all of my freinds sent you . e-mails about this my company is stand up thanks dave ps i stand behind my product ...

ClassesUSA : 1 Consumer Complaints - 0 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
Name: ClassesUSA, Complaints: 1, Reviews: 0, Company: Classes USA, Inc., Owner: Henry Varbedian, Address: 6701 Center Dr 300, City: Los Angeles, State: California, Zip Code: 90045

Advanced Orthopaedics : 1 Consumer Complaints - 0 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
Name: Advanced Orthopaedics, Complaints: 1, Reviews: 0, Reported Consumer Losses: $1,088.00, Company: Advanced Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, Address: 21212 Northwest Freeway 605, City: Cypress, State: Texas, Zip Code: 77429
...PS Does the AMA ever do anything about a complaint?????????????...

DNS Services Review: DNS Services - Billed with no Sevice performed or requested | Complaints List
We have received bills from this company and have not enlisted services. Have tried to call left 4 messages and no return calls.
...January 17, 2013 By: Perry,M Kay DDS, PS ...
...Filed By: Perry,M Kay DDS, PS On: ...

Bryan Talbot - Complaints List
Bryan Talbot in Bloxham, Oxford has complaints or reports posted. File a report about Bryan Talbot or view current complaints and reports at ComplaintsList.com
...PS RIDDELL Bruce Riddell, Telephone 0044 (0)1295 754618 E mail:...

Friendburst Review: Banning by Friendburst | Complaints List
I have been Friendburst member for 2 years, - not very active. Then several of my friends went there and so I became active again 2 days ago, redesigning m
...Welcome to my world, folks PS Howdy RC! ...

Roadstar Logistics : 1 Consumer Complaints - 4 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
Name: Roadstar Logistics, Complaints: 1, Reviews: 4, Reported Consumer Losses: $1,400.00, Company: Roadstar Logistics Inc., Address: 1317 Maple Ave, City: Berwyn, State: Illinois, Zip Code: 60402
...PS. They also have their own employees working at both COMPANIES. ...

Merit Gold & Silver : 3 Consumer Complaints - 33 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
Name: Merit Gold & Silver, Complaints: 3, Reviews: 33, Reported Consumer Losses: $10,375.00, Company: Merit Financial, Address: 1300 4th St 303, City: Santa Monica, State: California, Zip Code: 90401
...Thanks Merit (PS They also took A/x) ...

Little Caesars : 10 Consumer Complaints - 7 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
Name: Little Caesars, Complaints: 10, Reviews: 7, Reported Consumer Losses: $1,052.20, Company: Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc., Owner: Christopher Ilitch, Address: 2211 Woodward Ave, City: Detroit, State: Michigan, Zip Code: 48201
...PS: I also feel it is really bad sad that Little Ceasars as a corporation does nothing and from reading the complaints I do mean absolutely noting to handle such a situation....

Lasko : 1 Consumer Complaints - 1 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
Name: Lasko, Complaints: 1, Reviews: 1, Company: Lasko Products, Inc, Address: 820 Lincoln Ave, City: West Chester, State: Pennsylvania, Zip Code: 19380
...I rate it at 4.5 stars. (PS we bought it at a local store, not via Amazon, so I can't comment on shipping)....

Keith Spoto : 1 Consumer Complaints - 0 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
Name: Keith Spoto, Complaints: 1, Reviews: 0, Company: Florida's 10th Judicial Circuit, Owner: Keith Spoto, Address: 255 N. Broadway Ave., City: Bartow, State: Florida,
...Ps, I am an American disable veteran and still a soldier who protect the rights of many like my other brother and sisters of the arm forces....

2013 ISP (Internet Service Provider) Reviews | Complaints List
The internet has become a staple of modern living. People rely on the internet for information about any conceivable topic imaginable. It keeps us in ...
...January 17, 2013 Reviewed By: Perry,M Kay DDS, PS...

Subway Review: Subway sandwich misleads customers | Complaints List
subways advertising is very misleading . the sandwich purchased looks nothing like the photos on the wall or on the tv . before i retired i was a licensed
...can they mislead the customers with the false or misleading advertising without any problems or legal actions ? . ps the cookies are the only thing that looks like the advertisiments not the sandwiches ....

Vantage Funding APP Review: Vantage Funding takes $$ from you, whether you want the loan or not! | Complaints List
In the wake of Hurricane Isaac, I looked at short-term loan websites online for comparison purposes, in case I needed a short-term loan. Without receiving
...Vantage funding have hit my bank account two times this month the fist one was on 11/01/2012 and the second one was on the 11/21/2012 I do not have a account with these people, i would like to know if their away to stop these people, ps both times was for $30.00 ...

NuWave Precision Cooktop Review: Leaves a bad taste in your mouth | Complaints List
Nuwave leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I should have known better but ever the optimist I thought it might be a good deal. Their Hook Buy a Precision I
...Ps if you read this pass it along to everyone you know....

Sears Review: Sears Home Services Fraudulently and Deceitfully Charged an Unwarranted Repair Visit | Complaints List
1. On the phone, I reported my furnace flood damage requesting repairs. 2. Sears guarantees their repairs and replacement parts. 3. I was not informed Sear
...PS, I am now having the parts in my flood damaged furnace replaced by another company who guarantees their work....

NoMoreRack Review: Nomorerack - Rip Off, Plain And Simple - Complaints List
The biggest lie of the century IS: "At NMR, nothing is more important than a perfect shopping experience." What a crock!!! My story.... In March, I made th
...PS It is kind of sad that your rating only goes to 1=Horrible, you should have a negative choice for companies like this one....

DISH Review: Dish Network TV/Internet Scam | Complaints List
This started with my wife making first contact with Dish Network as we had purchased home in the country seeking both all the benefits of Cable TV and high
...PS: got another bill again today and when I called got new representative told 7-10 business days for review team to make decision and that someone would be calling me no later than next Friday March 29th,2013.IF...

Magic Jack PLUS Review: MagicJack Deception! | Complaints List
NO WHERE in it's advertising or packaging does MagicJack tell one there is a charge to keep your old phone number, and a CONTINUING yearly charge to keep t
...PS: You will NEVER be able to speak with a live person; only a "CHAT" on line....

JustFab Review: Just Shady! | Complaints List
It should be called Just Shady! I signed up 7 months ago. My schedule is crazy busy and I missed the window of opportunity to skip. I called Just Fab to ca
...PS - The quality of the products are crap!...

1&1 : 2 Consumer Complaints - 1 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
...At what point is that a scam? PS - I wrote a blog post detailing their terrible cancellation process at http://www.sitebuilderreport.com/bl...

Electronic Arts : 3 Consumer Complaints - 2 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
Name: Electronic Arts, Complaints: 3, Reviews: 2, Reported Consumer Losses: $79.99, Company: Electronic Arts Inc, Owner: Andrew Wilson, Address: 209 Redwood Shores Pkwy, City: Redwood City, State: California, Zip Code: 94065
...No $10 upgrade would be offered, we would need to purchase a ps 4 version....

Magic Jack PLUS Review: Works fine for me minus the slightest iota of customer support | Complaints List
My main complaint is that the MJ+ has no GUI (Graphic User Interface) and no software installed on the PC, so the only way to get messages or any other inf
...PS: DON't FORGET: No internet connection = No phone service with MJ+ (but it works with or without your PC being on)...

Hoveround Review: Reseach Hoveround power chairs before you buy | Complaints List
I am disabled in a power chair. With a power chair I am completely independent. Without a chair I would be in a nursing home. I use the chair 90 percent of
...PS: Their technicians are nothing but parts re-placers; they know as much about how a chair works as I know about making atom bombs....

greencoffee@nutritioncustmercare.com | Complaints List
...PS None of the email addresses attached to this phone number or company work....

866-379-2003 - Who is calling me? | Complaints List
Are your receiving unwanted calls from 866-379-2003? 47 Reports about calls from 1-866-379-2003.
...PS, I will be returning their product as this is B.S. !!!!!...

Department of Justice : 1 Consumer Complaints - 0 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
Name: Department of Justice, Complaints: 1, Reviews: 0, Company: U.S. Department of Justice, Owner: Eric H. Holder, Jr, Address: 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, City: Washington, State: District of Columbia, Zip Code: 20530-0001
...> Mostafa Hosny, Ph.D. > Project Co-ordinator for an NPO > 106-15 Trillium village > Chatham, ON N7L 4A2 > Canada > Tel. (519) 784 6822 > > PS I am willing to testify to serve the American people....

POF.com : 10 Consumer Complaints - 87 Customer Reviews | ComplaintsList.com
Name: POF.com, Complaints: 10, Reviews: 87, Reported Consumer Losses: $200.00, Company: PlentyofFish Media Inc., Owner: Markus Frind, Address: 555 W Hastings St Suite 2625, City: Vancouver, State: British Columbia, Zip Code: V6B4N5
...Ps. As of 5/27/2013,my account was deleted for no apparent reason....

Ripoff Report | Scams, reviews, complaints, lawsuits and frauds. File a report, post your review. Consumers educating consumers.
...PS Gourmet Cooking JBEI Gourmet Reward Strange charges on my C\C, Two seperate charges, one for each Co. Internet Jan 28 2014 09:39 pm, Internet ...

Single Complaints Added in January 2013 | Complaints List
Browse through Complaints filed in January 2013 by users of our interactive computer service.
...January 17, 2013 Posted By: Perry,M Kay DDS, PS We have received bills from this company and have not enlisted services....

Ripoff Report | Ben Smith Sac County Iowa Prosecutor Prosecutorial Misconduct | Tracey Richter Falsely Convicted | Overwhelming Evidence Michael Roberts, Rexxfield Complaint Review Sac City, Iowa: 938843
Ben Smith Sac County Iowa Prosecutor Prosecutorial Misconduct | Tracey Richter Falsely Convicted | Overwhelming Evidence Michael Roberts, Rexxfield Complaint Review: Ben Smith Sac County Iowa Attorney prosecutorial misconduct, improper relationship with star...
...Sincerely (and not anonymously), Darren M Meade PS Here again are the PDF files which frightened are anonymous ToXiCoFfEnDeR 1) Michael Roberts attempted extortion of Ripoff Report and its founder Ed Magedson 2) Diagram Michael Roberts enclosed with his extortion of Ripoff Report 3) Rexxfield and Michael Roberts planning session on extorting Ripoff Report and search engine Google. 4) Sworn affidavit states Ben Smith...

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