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How to Report a State Farm Customer Service Issue to Corporate | HissingKitty.com
...pay for the remainder of my loan to Ford Credit Canada....

Ford Customer Service Complaints Department | HissingKitty.com
File a complaint with Ford customer service department. Best contact info for Ford corporate headquarters with 1-800 phone number, email, and office address.
...back it ran as if they didnt do anything to the car when i called pocaro and ford credit to complain they told me if the car doesnt run right just give it back all these problems with the car were before 45000 miles on it....
...also ford credit sent me a letter voiding the warenty and making me pay double miles when i told them i didnt agree they repossed the car the car was such a lemon the dealer didnt want it so it ended up going to mayheim in chicago to get lemon laundered across state lines it was sold to a dealer in chicago for 8500...

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